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In each of the programs at Clinton Hill Community & Early Childhood Center, Inc. we provide activities that meet each child's emotional, social, cognitive and physical needs. Developmentally appropriate and play-based learning experiences include a substantial amount of time outside. Activities conducted outdoors offer children exposure to new experiences and opportunities for exploration. Additionally, it promotes a healthy, active lifestyle. To learn more about our program policies, please read our Parent Handbook here.                                                                                 


(24 - 36 months)


There is no such thing as a Terrible Two!  Our Toddler classroom uses a research-based, comprehensive framework called, The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers and Twos. Through The Creative Curriculum we create an environment where children learn to trust and joyfully explore their surroundings: make discoveries and develop a sense of themselves as competent learners and caring human beings. By providing interactions with children that are nurturing, consistent and loving; as well as experiences that are appropriately challenging, toddlers in our program can grow and flourish.​


(Ages 3 - 4 years)


As children enter preschool, they are entering a whole new world of wonder and experiences. The Creative Curriculum gives us the tools to look at each child individually. Using the Creative Curriculum GOLD Assessment as a guide we are able to adapt our program to the personal needs of each child, meeting the expectations that all children will learn.


(Ages 4 - 5 years)


Pre-K represents our last opportunity to prepare children for Kindergarten. One resounding principle throughout our school is to meet children where they are, in order to get them where they need to be. This is especially important for children new to our program, who might not have had prior experience in a high-quality preschool. No matter the child, no matter the circumstances, our goal is to ensure when they leave our classrooms they are READY for Kindergarten.


(Ages 6 - 12 years)


For our families who just can't get enough, we offer after-school services to school age children from September - June. The program provides children with homework assistance, character and team building skills, cultural awareness and recreational activities. Transportation available from local schools.